Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Kokan Committee Riyadh, Roze Ki Iftari - Report

Thanks to Brother Abid Imam Khawar for sharing the Kokan Committee Riyadh, Roze Ki Iftari event report held on Friday 12th August, 2011. Check the event pictures below after report.
Kokan Committee Riyadh (KCR) arranged a grand Roze Ki Iftari function on Friday 12th August, 2011 in an Isterah near Exit 18 at outskirt of Riyadh.
The function was grand success where more than 850 kokni brothers gathered. Besides Riyadh many people came all the way from far away like Buraidha, Qasim and Al Kharj. Everyone was looking happy and expressing their happiness toward KCR, its Executive Committee members and coordinators for making such wonderful arrangement of bringing large number of Kokni brothers together. Kokani dishes were served for iftari and dinner. Many kokni brothers themselves came forward and contributed for this function without announcing their names. Even many families came forward and took responsibility of making Kokni dishes to serve for Iftari. The team of Brother Munawwar Pathan Chief Coordinator and many individuals took maximum initiatives and extended their whole hearted support in making perfect arrangement of this function.
The function commenced with Tilawate Quran by Moulana Zainul Abideen Nakhwa followed by Naat presentation by Moulana Arshad Deshmukh. When President Rafiq Rahiman Dalwai stood for giving his felicitation speech all Kokni brothers gave him big round of applause. In the beginning of his presidential speech he respectfully remembered those Kokani brothers who were with us previous year and passed away during this year. He along with all prayed for their maghferah. He continued his speech by emphasizing on importance of education and explained the aim of KCR to extend maximum financial support to needy Kokni students who wish to pursue their education. He further explained about the Educational Adoption Scheme (EASE) under which KCR adopted 158 Kokni students last year by paying their entire academic year fee against which the amount received under this scheme from Kokni brothers was for 68 students. This year the adoption of students by Kokni brothers reached to nearly 100. As more and more brothers are joining KCR and showing notable enthusiasm by adopting students. President said if same trend continues and if Allah Wishes then we will have no hesitation in adopting double number of students this year. On this every attendee clapped their hands in support. Brother Rafiq Dalwai gave credit of KCR success to his deputy Vice President Brother Tajammul Pangarkar, three executive members and number of Coordinators who are working untiring for this noble cause. Also he underlined that the financial support of members and otherKkokni brothers is most important factor for this achievement.
Before Iftari, Moulana Wajihuddin Parkar gave speech on the importance of Zakat, Fitra and support to needy. He spoke very elaborately in light of Quran and Hadees that was very informative and appreciated by everybody.
Chief Coordinator of KCR brother Munawar Pathan and his team of coordinators and other volunteers made perfect arrangement of Iftari where 850 guests sitting shoulder to shoulder and making iftari was a real village function scene.
After Iftari and Namaze Maghreeb a beautiful video clip presentation was shown to audience to explain the activities of KCR. This presentation was graphic designed by Brother Muzaffar Alsurkar, assisted by Abdullah Hunerkar and compiled by brother Tanveer Karbelkar. The vocal sound was provided by Brother Mushtaq Yusuf Dalvi. The presentation was such a wonderful that was displaying Kokan and its rich culture with full of greenery, hills, seashores, fruits, vegetables, animals and birds. On seeing many villages in this video clip audience was enthralled and openly admitted that KCR has given us real flavor of kokan today. Even many brothers came forward and requested CD of this presentation.
There was question answer session hence many brothers came forward and asked their questions. Also many gave valuable suggestions. President Rafiq Dalwai and Vice President Tajammul Pangarkar answered all the question asked by members in very effective and convincing manner those were valued by all.
The Biryani was served for dinner. After dinner most of the crowd disbursed. Taraweeh arrangement was made at the venue for those who remained behind.
The comparing of entire function was done by brother Mushtaq Yusuf Dalvi. His professional style of presentation with inclusion of Sher-o-shayeri was flawless and hence was applauded by all.
President Rafiq Dalwai and Vice President Tajammul Pangarkar thanked all the Executives, Coordinators and individuals who extended their whole hearted support in making this function a grand success. They further said if we start taking name of those who extended their support the list will never end. Vice President categorically said the association of such helpful people can only make KCR proud. With this word of thanks the function reached to its end.

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